Best Natural Home Remedies For A Sore Throat


Best Natural Home Remedies For A Sore Throat

Yes a simple thing like a sore throat can make our life miserable and this happens when there is inflammation in the throat and this is also caused if the cough and cold has been left undetected for a long time.  Enlarged tonsils may also be one of the reasons for sore throat.

There are a whole lot of medicines, both allopathic and homeopathic for treating sore throat. However, cold and cough do not actually need to be treated using these medicines. The best way is to identify natural ways of curing sore throat.  Let us now look at the natural remedies for sore throat. These are cheaper and safer alternatives definitely.


Home remedies For Sore Throat

Gargling with luke warm water and salt has been the time tested method to cure sore throat.  Herbs like belleric myrobalan is a very well known cough remedy.  The pulp is mixed with honey, pepper and salt and helps relieve the sore throat considerably.  The fruit pulp may also be mixed with roasted wheat flour and this too gives immense relief.

Application of betel leaves on the neck

The crushed betel leaves may be applied on the throat and in cases of a severe cough, it can also be mixed with honey and had at regular intervals. Cardamom and honey mixture has also proven to be a good natural remedy for curing sore throat.  If the sore throat is just not very severe, you may crush ginger and have ginger tea.  Also, a beverage with hot water, ginger and jiggery is effective. It is always advised to replace sugar with jiggery as jaggery is comparatively safer and healthier. Ginger has been used in many households and many Asian countries use ginger extensively as natural remedies for treating colds and coughs.

What can aggravate coughs and sore throat?

It is believed that curd, fried and sour foods can cause further problems to your sore throat. So make sure to use melted butter instead of oil. Stay away from cold fruits like bananas and water melons.  Drink lots of luke warm water as it soothes the throat and also prevents coughing.

You may also use spices sparingly when preparing foods as pungent spices will tend to trigger the sore throat problem.

Salt water gargle – Time tested natural remedy for sore throat

All of us know that the humble salt has great properties and a salt water gargle in between three to four hours has proven to be extensively effective, it provides great relief.  Gargling water mixed in Baking soda helps to relieve sore throat. That itchy feeling will automatically subside after sometime.  Make sure you stay away from smoking so as to not aggravate the sore throat, cough and cold.  A good humidifier will make sure the throat does not become dry.  Just like honey, marshmallow roots boiled in water also provides good relief. Make sure to have at least three to five cups daily for immediate relief.


As soon as the sore throat starts showing up, it usually causes a lot of concern as it might be the advent of a common cold or even something more serious in nature. Once the presence of the sore throat is noticed, active effort needs to be put in by the individual so as to be able to handle this problem at the earliest and effectively.

Some Common Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Over time, the respect for the effectiveness of home remedies for various ailments has grown a lot. Not only are the home remedies convenient, these are also easily available in the comfort of one’s own house with little or no special requirements to be addressed to by the outside world. Some of the most popular home remedies for sore throat are listed below.

  1. Anti inflammatory pills which are a common and essential element of any medicine cabinet is one of the most effective tools for combating a sore throat at home. These not only cut down on the swelling in the throat, but reduce the pain as well.
  2.  Salt water gargles are by far the most popular home remedy for curing a sore throat. Warm water with half a spoon of salt in a cup of water works wonders when it comes to curing the sore throat. It helps in reducing the swelling, loosens the mucus and gets rid of the bacteria and thereby ensures a speedy recovery from a sore throat.
  3. Numerous lozenges and sprays are available on the counter of any departmental store which works well as far as combating the effects of a sore throat are concerned.
  4. Having enough amount of water is a very important step when it comes to combating a sore throat. One must have enough water to keep the urine light yellow to clear. This shall ensure that the body has enough drain off of the harmful bacteria and germs.
  5. A warm cup of tea has many fold effects as an effective home remedy for sore throat. Not only does it provide comfort to the swollen part of the throat, it also brings with it a lot of antioxidants which come in handy as the body fights infection causing germs and bacteria.

As a person gets infected with a sore throat, there is a need to address the ailment at the earliest. By the time one can get around to a medical practitioner, the use of home remedies and easy help oneself steps must be taken.

When a person uses the home remedies for sore throat, the curing action starts earlier and in many cases, more effectively. Additionally, the successful use of the home remedies for sore throat brings with it the satisfaction of having cured oneself of the sore throat.

Lastly, it is recommended to stay away from over the counter tablets and pills if you have to get rid of normal cough, cold and sore throat. Simple natural remedies definitely take some time as compared to the capsules and medicines but they are definitely safer in the long run.

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