Chronic Hives Relief: How To Get Rid Of Urticaria Forever

Chronic Hives Relief: How To Get Rid Of Urticaria Forever

Hives or Urticaria is a skin disorder that is distinguished by raised areas on the skin that look reddish, are itchy and appear in the form of patches or mumps. Hives are formed on the skin when a chemical known as histamine is released in the blood stream by a certain type of cells known as mast cells.

The swollen areas on the skin are due to the capillary leakage of the blood vessels caused due to histamine.   Here are some of the natural ways to get rid of chronic hives:

  •  Oral hives treatment in the form of antihistamines:  The most commonly administered form of treatments for hives is oral treatment in the form of antihistamines. These pills create actions that are opposite  to the effects of the histamine reaction.   One of the popular over the counter medication or antihistamine is diphenhydramine (Benadryl). However, antihistamines do have the risk of side effects which include drowsiness and inability to concentrate.
  •  Prescription medication:  There are prescription medications like cyproheptadine and hydroxyzine which are effective but can cause drowsiness and other dangerous side-effects.
  •  Topical treatments for hives: There are topical creams and lotions that can soothe nerve endings and relieve itching, easing the hives symptoms to a great extent.  But these cortisone-containing creams are not really useful in total treating the skin problem unless they are backed by oral pills.
  •  Natural remedies:  The natural remedies to treat hives include taking cool compression, cool baths, applying a natural moisturizer in the form of aloe-vera gel, drinking herbal tea  and bathing with  baking soda and cornstarch.
  • OxyHives homeopathic medicine:  OxyHives is the only proven treatment for hives that can naturally heal hives without causing any dangerous side effects. Made of natural ingredients are in a standardized manner, it works quickly and effectively and helps you get rid of urticaria forever. You have to spray it to get relief from itching, stinging, burning and other problems related to hives.

Hives Causes

Hives or Urticaria is red, itchy raised areas on the skin, produced to the release of chemical called histamine when a person comes in contact with an allergen. Hives appear in the forms of patches and rings which can vary from millimeters to more than a few inches in diameter.  Hives are seen to be more common in men that women possibly because male skin tends to dry easily.

As mentioned, hives are caused due to the release of histamine that is released from the ‘mast cells’ which are found in the skin. Histamine makes fluid leak from locally found blood vessels leading to the swelling in the skin.


Eggs, fish, berries, eggs and certain medications have been identified for having caused hives. Animal dander can also trigger an allergic reaction and so can certain types of clothes and jewelry which rubs on the skin and causes inflammation.

Expose to Extreme temperatures

Hot weather and extreme cold weather can also trigger Hives. Excessive sweating due to heat exacerbates hives.


Hereditary though rare, is also a cause for the appearance of Urticaria.

By using an antihistamine, taking precautionary measures and using a proven natural remedy like OxyHives, you can get considerable relief from Hives.

The Different Types Of Hives

When it comes to hives there are several form out there. Hives can be triggered by many different circumstances and outside influences. Hives is a very common problem for example it can affect 15% of the population of the Unites States each and every year.

Below we list the different types from the most common to the rarest forms of hives:

Vibratory Angioedema

This is a very rare form of hives that is caused when skin comes into contact with vibrating stimulus. It is a deeper and more painful form of hives. This type of hives usually resolves itself within an hour.

Solar Urticaria

Another rare form of hives caused by exposure to specific ultraviolet wavelengths basically exposure to the sun. This form of hives also usually resolves itself in an hour.


Is the medical term for the condition we call hives. It is a very common condition as it occurs in 20% of the population at one time or other. It can affect anyone regardless of race and age.

It does however more often than not show itself in the morning and evening. The itching is often at its worst at night and interferes with peoples sleeping patterns.


A typical from of chronic hives most commonly known as physical urticaria. It is caused by stimulus such as the stroking of the skin with an object. It affects about 5% of the population. The strange thing about this form of hives is that it can affect people for several years and the simply go away.

Cholinergic Urticaria

This a common form of hives that shows itself as numerous tiny 2 to 3 mm hives on the upper arms, neck and sometimes thighs. This form of hives is triggered by exercise, over heating or stress that all lead to a rise in body temperature.

Delayed Pressure Urticaria

This is the most common form of chronic hives which is caused most often by pressure being applied to the skin. One study found that 37% of people with chronic hives had this particular condition.

Cold Hives

This condition comes in two forms the rare one which is hereditary and shows itself as hives all over the body 9 to 18 hours after exposure. The more common incident and instant of cold hives is an onset of hives after exposure to cold such as contact with cold water.

The Different Types Of Hives – A Conclusion

Hives can affect any person at anytime without any prior warning. When this happens more often than not the person will have to live with the condition for over a year until the hives can be diagnosed and the stimuli understood and a hives remedy found.

As you can read elsewhere on this site I have suffered with chronic hives on more than one occasion and the only all natural hives relief that I could find to lessen the miserable symptoms of hives was OxyHives Relief.

Hives Symptoms

Hives are an irritating skin condition that is characterized by the form of itchy patches and rings on the skin. The formation can appear in the form a group and appear swollen and red.  Ordinary hives are usually due to contact with an allergen which can be in the food, water makeup material, animal dander etc.  Chronic hives is a condition that lasts for more than six weeks or so and is due to some autoimmune condition in the body.  They tend to disappear and appear in regular episodes.  Here are some of the hives symptoms:

  1. Itchy skin: The skin becomes dry and itchy and is characterized by reddish patches and rings.
  2. Swelling on the skin: Due to itching and also due to the nature of this skin disorder, the skin flares up and swells in the form of raised red or pink lesions. Now the swelling and itching both can disappear in minutes or in some days only to reappear in other places.
  3. The sequential appearance of patches and swelling:  The swelling and the patchy appearance can last from days to weeks and then disappear on their own. But at times they do not go easily. If they last for more than six weeks, then doctors called it ‘chronic hives.’
  4.  Stress: Stress can aggravate hives and hives can also cause stress.  The itching and the swelling of the skin can cause low self-esteem and even affect one’s concentration and focus, leading to worry, anxiety, irritation, agitation and temper problems.
  5. Increased heartbeats: In rare cases hives can lead to high levels of anxiety and depression which can lead to irregular heartbeats and loss of breath. A person can also suffer from dizziness, fainting, loss of consciousness and mental imbalance. All of these factors cannot be directly attributed to hives but in certain cases they can create conditions that lead to such problems.

Hives Relief: Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Chronic Hives

Hives relief is one thing which every person who is suffering from this itchy skin disease will seek  Hives(Urticaria) are pink or red colored welts that can appear anywhere in the body.   They have the tendency to last for hours or weeks before leaving. While some hives are just millimeters in diameter, there are others that cover broad areas.

About 10 to 20 percent of people suffer from hives at least once in their lifetime. The prominent areas where hives are found to appear are the face, the hands, the legs and the genitals.  The swelling looks repulsive and the itching exacerbates it.

Since hives usually happen due to an allergic reaction in the body, the histamine or the chemical that causes flare-ups need to be kept in check. Antihistamines like Benadryl are known to give hives relief.  The usually blamed foods for this skin condition are berries, eggs, chocolates, nuts, fish and milk.

Apart from this, animal dander, insect stings and medications are also responsible. You can keep hives in check and prevent their appearance by finding out the cause by yourselves. The best way to do so is to find out what things or places you were in contact with before you got the breakouts in your skin.

You can get hives relief by applying cool compresses on your skin or by taking cool water baths. You should apply a moisturizer or Calamine lotion so that you skin is soft and smooth. Another effective treatment is in the form of milk of magnesia, you have to apply it on the lesions and you can experience considerable relief especially from the itch.

The popular natural remedy in the form of OxyHives is known to have given hives relief to thousands of people around the world. It is the form of a spray that you have to spray under your tongue; the ingredients are absorbed in the blood stream and you can get relief from the itching and inflammation.

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