Diabetes Treatment Home Remedies

Diabetes is becoming a big problem, affecting many lives. Understanding diabetes and how natural remedies for diabetes can help you regain control over your own life is what we’ll be discussing in this article.

Diabetes is very common, but very worrying, in the modern world. It seems that diabetes is, perhaps, the result of a poor diet and lifestyle, although genetics, too, can have a great deal to do with it. Sometimes diabetes is even caused by a virus.

  • Diabetes is an illness where sufferers have a problem with insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the body, in the pancreas. Insulin helps the body to regulate levels of sugar in the blood.
  • Levels of blood sugar can be too low – this is called ‘hypo-glycemia’.
  • Levels of blood sugar can be too high – this is called ‘hyper-glycemia’. This means the brain and vital organs may not be receiving enough sugar.

I don’t mean to scare you, but there may also be complications with diabetes, that may lead to:

  • Damage to the:
    • eyes
    • heart
    • nerves
    • kidneys
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • coma or death

Don’t worry unduly if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Many people live for years with diabetes, or a pre-diabetes condition, without knowing they have it.

Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes you have an advantage, as you will be able to find treatment. Your doctor may recommend that you are able to combine diabetes treatment home remedies with more conventional medications. Once you have your diabetes under control (whether by natural diabetes remedies or prescribed medication) you may be able to live your life quite easily and comfortably.

Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Symptoms of diabetes may include:
    • thirst
    • frequent urination
    • tiredness
    • eyesight problems
    • weight loss
    • more frequent, or prolonged, infections

Type 1 or Type 2?

There are 2 main types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin dependent diabetes)
    • Usually begins in childhood, or young adulthood
    • The body is unable to produce enough insulin
    • Type 1 diabetes can be treated with insulin
  • Type 2 Diabetes (Non-Insulin dependent diabetes)
    • This usually begins in mid to late adult life
    • This is usually caused by insulin resistance. The body still produces insulin, but it is unable to control the levels of sugar in the blood.
    • Type 2 diabetes can be treated with insulin, strict dietary control and some natural remedies for diabetes

With both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, it is vital that you consult your doctor before beginning on any holistic treatment for diabetes. This also includes any holistic diet changes. Your doctor must continually monitor your blood sugar levels, to make sure that you are always given the right level of medication.

It is always wise to follow your doctor’s advice, and attempt any holistic treatment for diabetes, or natural remedies for diabetes only very gradually. Under your doctor’s careful supervision, you may be able to come off your diabetes medication entirely, in time.

Conventional Treatments for Diabetes

Even if you wish to go down the route of holistic treatment for diabetes, you will probably still need to incorporate some kind of conventional medication into your treatment regime. Although these are vital and may even save your life, they can still have some unpleasant side effects.

Combining them with natural remedies for diabetes (under your doctor’s careful guidance, of course) can still be a good idea – especially for Type 2 diabetes.

  • Insulin
    • This is, of course, the best known diabetes treatment, especially for Type 1 diabetes.
    • Side effects: May cause:
      • high cholesterol
      • high blood pressure
      • weight gain
  • Oral Hypoglycemic Agents (Sulphonylureas)
    • These are tablets which stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin.
    • Side effects include increasing the risk of heart disease
  • Biguanides
    • These affect how insulin works in the body, and how the liver processes glucose (sugar).
    • Side effects may include:
      • diarrhea
      • nausea
      • loss of appetite
      • other stomach problems
  • Glucosidase Inhibitors
    • Affects blood sugar levels
    • Side effects may include:
      • bloating and wind
      • problems absorbing nutrients

Inspite of the somewhat unpleasant side effects, you should never just stop taking prescribed medication for diabetes. Work together with your doctor, to introduce natural remedies for diabetes.

Holistic Treatment for Diabetes Lifestyle and Diet

Lifestyle and diet can be your best holistic treatment for diabetes. Find out how what you eat, exercise and your levels of stress can make a huge difference to how diabetes affects your life…

Diabetes can be a big problem, these days… Diabetes, and pre-diabetes conditions are becoming more and more common, and even children and teens are beginning to be diagnosed with adult onset diabetes. This is due, surely, in some part to the diet and lifestyle we tend to follow in the modern, western world.

This does, at least, mean that a change in diet and lifestyle can be used as a very effective holistic treatment for diabetes.

In fact, as natural remedies for diabetes, a change in diet can be so effective that you should ensure your doctor is aware, and monitors your blood sugar levels to ensure the correct levels of medication, as your dietary changes begin to have an impact.

In the above section on Understanding Diabetes we see how diabetes is closely linked to the production of insulin and levels of sugar in the blood.

Sugar is a very important aspect in the holistic treatment for diabetes. It is also extremely complicated, and intensely individual.

Always remember to consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any decisions regarding your health.

The Diabetes Diet plan

Even experts are unable to agree for sure what constitutes the ideal diet for a diabetes sufferer. This is why it is even more important to work with your doctor, to find the diabetes natural remedies that are right for you.

Many nutritionists and diabetes experts do now agree, though, that it is the consumption of sugar which is the key to successful holistic treatment for diabetes.

The aim is to keep blood sugar levels at a steady ‘normal’ rate, without excessive peaks and troughs, that can cause problems.

The best way of doing this may well be to avoid sugar as far as possible. This is:

  • refined sugar, in cakes, pastries, processed foods, etc
  • ’natural’ sugars such as honey or fruits

You should also keep an eye on the levels of carbohydrates in your diet. This includes:

  • refined carbohydrates, such as white flour, pastries, baked goods
  • cereals, including wholegrains
  • starchy veg, such as potatoes, and other root vegetables

This is because carbohydrates are converted by the body directly into glucose (sugar). So, in many ways, consuming these kinds of carbohydrates is no different than consuming sugar itself.

Of course, different carbohydrate foods contain different glucose levels. So, a green, leafy vegetable would contain more glucose than a slice of white bread, or a potato, for example. Carbohydrates should never be cut out of the diet completely.

A low carb diet may help considerably with this. Atkins make great claims for diabetes, with his diet:

  • I will just say that I do credit the Atkins diet for much of my weight loss and return to a level of good health.
  • A generally healthy holistic diet is a good place to start. For diabetes, in general, aim to eat:
    • higher levels of:
      • proteins
      • ’good’ fats
      • vegetables
    • less:
      • grains
      • starchy foods
  • Of course, if blood sugar levels do drop, you should have something sugary ready to consume, to prevent your blood sugar levels becoming dangerously low. In spite of this, the plan of avoiding sugar in your diet, does aim to ensure that your blood sugar levels stay steady and at a sensible level.

Supplements to the diet are often recommended for diabetics, and can be an effective holistic treatment for diabetes:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Chromium
  • Co-Enzyme Q10
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Garlic

Exercise and Diabetes

  • As well as diet as a holistic treatment for diabetes, a sensible level of exercise is recommended.
  • Aim to work up to around 30 minutes of moderate exercise around 3-4 times per week – or whatever level your doctor advises as suitable for you.
  • Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Other Lifestyle Factors and Diabetes

It is very important for diabetes sufferers to avoid stress. Stress can make any existing problem worse.

  • Some natural health remedies for stress can be very effective holistic treatments for diabetes in their own right.
  • Aromatherapy is one to consider.
  • Also Yoga. Yoga, particularly, is thought to be able to stimulate the pancreas to be able to work more efficiently. Some postures which may help:
  • Fish Pose
  • Boat
  • Half-Wheel
  • Backward and Forward Bend
  • See these tips to relax for more ideas.

Taking care of your diet and lifestyle can be one of the most effective natural remedies for diabetes. You should certainly make it your first consideration for successful holistic treatment of diabetes.

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