Start Potty Training by Carol Cline Review

Potty training can be quite a serious conflict between parents and their growing children especially when there is no plan followed to ensure mutual benefits. Most parents adhere to conventional methods on potty training their children combined with myths which make their efforts vain.

3 Day Potty Training Guide: Carol Cline’s Guide

Through attempting to potty train her first child, Cline created a potty training guide that she went on to test with her other three kids as well as her day care class. This guide is contrary to what most parents believe and against most outdated traditional potty training methods used around the world. Though an opposition to many, the guide actually works and gives positive results is a short period of time.

Teaching a toddler how to potty is one of the most challenging things when bringing up a kid. Parents mostly get tired of changing diapers and cleaning her after she potties. Because your kid is still very young, she is not even aware of what the right thing is and what she is doing.

Therefore, it is very important to potty train your child and teach her what she should do when she has to poop or pee, as soon as possible. Today, kids most probably start going to school at the age of 3 or 4, so before, 3 she should be potty trained, otherwise some accidents might happen at school and you do not want it. I also found that some child-cares and schools do not accept kids who are not already potty trained.

Start potty training is an electronic guide written by Carol Cline. It has pdf, audio, and video formats. As you understand from its name, it aims to teach you how to potty train your kid in as short as 3 days. It contains some unique and rare tips. It also mentions about the false facts known true by many people.

There are some other 3 day potty training systems on the internet. I don’t know if they might/might not help you. Not everything works on the paper works in real life. Toddler toilet training is one of them, I think. Because you cannot always communicate with your kid as you do with an adult, some issues might rise.

Kids might be more stubborn and refuse accepting the training and make you think that she will never get potty trained. But no worries, Carol Cline’s course might solve your all toilet training problems with your kid.

What Is in The 3 Day Potty Training Guide?

With every purchase of the Start Potty Training guide, you will get bundled video, audio and readable versions so that you have a wide range of options of getting the contents. In addition to the guide, you will also get a free reward chart that makes the potty training process a fun and easy process for the kids.

In this Start Potty Training review, I also would like to cover some myths.

First Myth: Many parents think that if they just put their kid on the potty, he / she will learn how and where to go in when they have to poop or pee. Though this approach is thought to be true, it is not. Sometimes, your toddler might do the right thing and use the potty when she is sitting on it. However, she will get confused and just go in her diaper when she is in it. Therefore, just placing your toddler on the potty is not a clear and true way to teach her how to potty.

Second Myth: It is thought that potty training is kind of a conflict between the parents and the kid. However, this is wrong because if you adopt the right approach, then she, your kid, and you will be in a perfect correlation and she will get whatever you teach her. I know you might be asking that what the right approach is. You should make the toilet training enjoyable and fun so that your kid will like this training time. If you also reward her, you will completely be on the right way.

Third Myth: Another myth that parents believe that daycare and childcare will handle or help you to potty train your kid. This might be true for some day cares but not always. Mostly, as long as I learned from the internet, day cares do not completely potty train your kid, and the kid gets confused when she is being potty trained home because of the differences between your and daycare’s way of training.

Fourth Myth: The fourth myth is that you think that a wet diaper will teach them not to accidentally go in her diaper. This approach might go wrong and your kid might think that it is OK to go in the diaper because where poop and pee should be at.

Fifth Myth: Everybody thinks that potty training of boys is harder than that of girls. This actually has a point but not always true. The hardness of potty training is actually same no matter what the gender of the kid is. Due to this myth, mothers always have a prejudice and complain about their son not having potty trained.

There is a free bonus guide and a free personal support life line. The guide comes with a full money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied within a period of 8 weeks of using it. This just shows how solid Cline trusts her guide.

Start potty training program of Carol Cline is a very effective system that help you when potty training your child. According to the official page, your toddler can learn all details in as short as 3 days about how to potty if you follow the instructions in the book. Everything is explained in a very simple way, and the instructions go step by step.

Carol’s system is divided into 17 chapters all of which related to the toilet training. In these 17 parts, she explained every single problem which parents mostly face when toilet training your child. The methods in the book include all necessary and important detail which parents should know before they start potty training their kids.

The program also includes how to get ready for the same, the right time to start the training, and the methods which easiest to adopt and implement compared to the others. This system was designed for the stubborn children that it makes this program more effective and efficient.

How Start Potty Training 3 Day Potty Training Guide Works?

This book comes in different formats such as pdf, audio, and video, so that the parents can learn everything in this program better by going over the different formats. There is also a video presentation on their official website which gives you more details about what you can find in this book.

The first six chapters of this system include a background to get prepared for the process. You can also find out at what age of your child you should start teaching her when and how to use the toilet. I think I should also discuss about the pros of this product here.

Benefits of the 3 day potty training guide:

– The potty training guide assists you in potty training your child within a short period of three days of consistent training

– The guide provided step-by-step explanations of the training for easy understanding and success

– There are multiple tips available to make the whole process successful and interesting for you and your child

– Cuts the costs since you will not buy diapers anymore once the kid is fully trained.

– Carol makes it a personal concern to answer questions related to training on a weekly basis

– You get to spend quality time with your child during an important step in his/her life.

In conclusion

The Start Potty Training 3 day potty training guide is special program that will enable you track the progress of your child in potty training. The guide is created out of experience in successful means of potty training children and thus success is a guarantee.

Potty Training in Just 3 Days

First of all it claims that your kid can learn how to potty in 3 days. I also read that all positive results were taken in the first 72 hours in all cases.

A Decrease in the Need of Diapers

This is probably the best part. Think that your kid is toilet trained, and you do not have to pay for and change diapers. This useful system can help you to reduce the need of changing dirty diapers constantly. Once your kid is done with this process, her self esteem will also increase.

Money Back Guarantee

This program comes with a 60 days money back guarantee which is a great advantage because if you do not like the product, you can get back all money you paid. This guarantee is actually showing, I think, how confident the author of the system is with her book.

The motivational rewards charts are great in monitoring and keeping progress details. This guide is strongly recommended to all parents struggling with potty training their children as it makes everything easy and fast.